Reliability & Maintenance Division

In 2012 Riverview Development Group started the maintenance division keeping their customers in mind. We now have a 24Hr emergency call service that can dispatch crews to your location during the off hours.

We will handle emergency calls for any type of building crises that arise in the off hours. Not only does the maintenance division handle emergencies but is also used for smaller projects like changing out leaky pipe boots, installation of new curbs, skylights, unclogging roof drains and maintaining you gutter systems or just man power for unforeseen emergency’s.

We also have tailored maintenance programs for your roofing system not only to get the most out of your old roof, but also to keep the manufacturers warranty in effect. Any roofing warranty states you must perform and document seasonal maintenance requirements to keep the warranty in full effect.

Riverview Development Group also performs snow removal and seasonal inspections to keep you informed on your roof’s condition. At Riverview Development Group we believe that with a proper maintenance program we can help you get the most out of your new roofing system or your existing roof. Remember it’s always better to be proactive rather than reactive. Roof leaks can cause downtime and cause property damage underneath your roofing system.